Baba aux fruits

Baba aux fruits


Nicolas STOHRER served as an apprentice pastry cook in Wissembourg in the kitchens of King Stanislas of Poland.

Thanks to a dry Polish brioche, the King Stanislas had brought back from a trip, Nicolas STOHRER invented the BABA.

He enhanced the dry brioche by basting Malaga wine, flavored by saffron and added a pastry cream with fresh grapes and dry currants.

King Stanislas, while reading the stories of One Thousand and One Nights, fascinated by the character of this novel, he named this new cake The ALI-BABA.

When the daughter of King Stanislas of Poland, Marie Leszczynska, married in 1725 King Louis XV, his pastry chef Nicolas STOHRER followed her to the court of Versailles.

Five years later Nicolas STOHRER opened his pastry shop at 51 rue Montorgueil in Paris.

Over time the Ali-Baba turned into BABA au rhum, the pastry cream was replaced by whipped cream.

The house STOHRER still offers three versions:
-L’ALI-BABA, basted with rhum, garnished with pastry cream and dry currants.
-LE BABA au rhum nature.
-LE BABA au rhum garnished with whipped cream.

Three big classics of the house, you can find at the store small individual cakes or a cake to share for 4 to 10 people on order.

We can furnish upon request the baba with an assortment of red fruits.

We advise you to eat fresh and possibly serve with a salad of fresh red fruits.

[:fr]Baba Chantilly[:en]Baba Chantilly[:ja]ババ・シャンティイ

Baba Chantilly

BABA CHANTILLY OR ALIBABA (with pastry cream)


[:fr]Petits Puits D'Amour[:en]Petits Puits D'Amour[:ja]プティ・ピュィ・ダムール

Petits Puits D'Amour

HISTORY OF PUITS D’AMOUR (wells of love)

The first recipe of puits d'amour appeared in the eighteenth century in the book "Modern Cook" written by Vincent De La Chapelle in 1735.

La Chapelle recorded in his book two recipes, one under the title "gâteau de puits d’amour" which is a large vol au vent in puff pastry, topped with a cove filled with currant jelly, all meant to imitate the bucket from a well.

The other recipe "petits puits d’amour", made for individual bites, is also in puff pastry with red currant jelly.

In the eighteenth century, these puits d'amour caused a scandal because of their name, but at the court of Louis XV it was a great success in the King's intimate dinners.

Nicolas STOHRER preferred garnished them of vanilla patry cream, the top covered with a thick layer of caramel, obtained by caramelize sugar with a hot iron.

This traditional recipe has been ongoing for nearly three centuries at STOHRER, with small puits d'amour and big puits d'amour that can be shared by 4 to 10 people.

It's always a great success throughout the year but especially on Valentin's day when lovers come to pick up their puits d'amour at STOHRER.

[:fr]Puits d'Amour[:en]Puits d'Amour[:ja]ピュイ・ダムール

Puits d'Amour

A bottom made of puff pastry, pastry cream with vanilla bourbon and caramelized with a red-hot iron.

Religieuse à l'ancienne café chocolat

Religieuse à l'ancienne café chocolat

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