Le BerceauLe Berceauベルソ(揺りかご)

Le Berceau

A croque-en-bouche personalized for your family events.
We can propose dragees Avola presented in various compositions.

La Pièce montéeLa Pièce montéeピエス・モンテ

La Pièce montée

A croque-en-bouche presented on a nougatine cup, decored with sugar, with the theme of birth or the theme of your choice.

Ask us to customize the design for you at the size you prefer.

La Pyramide de bonbonsLa Pyramide de bonbonsピラミッド・ド・ボンボン

La Pyramide de bonbons

For birthday party of children or adults. Marshmallows, lollipops, Tagada strawberries, fruit jellies, calissons of Aix.
Customization upon request.

L'Abre à FraisesL'Abre à Fraisesラーブル・ア・フレーズ

L'Abre à Fraises

Strawberries on little sticks, this can be executed with 130 pieces for a minimum of 30 people.
Customization upon request.

La Religieuse à l'ancienneLa Religieuse à l'ancienneルリジュース・ア・ランシエン

La Religieuse à l'ancienne

A pièce montée composed of vanilia and strawberry eclairs or coffee and chocolate.
This religieuse is perfect for 8 people and maximum 16 people.

La Pyramide de macaronsLa Pyramide de macaronsピラミッド・ド・マカロン

La Pyramide de macarons

Chocolate, coffee, vanillia, pistachio and raspberry. Made with a minimum of 100 macarons.

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